Arson Crafts & Separation Street

by Sailormouth

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A collection of my first two EPs.


released June 28, 2015

Tracks 1-4 recorded by James Jackson at Neutral Ground, Brisbane in June 2013. Mixed by Andrew Berlin and mastered by Jason Livermore at Blasting Room Studios in Colorado. Ben Breitenstein played drums and Sophie Benjamin sang and played everything else.

Tracks 5-8 performed, recorded and programmed by Sophie Benjamin at Separation Street, Rockhampton in 2012. Mixed and mastered by Kiel Hames.

Cover photo by Ben Breitenstein.



all rights reserved


Sailormouth Melbourne, Australia

Sophie Benjamin + pals.

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Track Name: Now It's Happening To Me
Fallen suits are in the streets, talking about what they used to be
"My analyst didn't plan for this!"

Caught out where you all can see
I fudged all the figures and claimed all the fees
And all this time I tried to keep my nose clean
I thought this happened to other people
But now it's happening to me

Shoeboxes with no receipts
A pile of property he'd given to me
"My analyst didn't plan for this!"
Track Name: Body Count
I was there, you were drunk, that's all that it was
But I'm having trouble getting past it.

I jumped the queue and I pulled you in
Right there when you kissed me was when the trouble all began
If I was smarter I woulda turned away
But I'm a sucker for a pretty face

I was there, you were drunk, that's all that it was
But I'm having trouble getting past it
And I know that it's done and I need to move on
But I'm having trouble getting started

I would do it again
Even though we would never work
And we'd have a messy messy end
Tell me would you do it again for me?
Track Name: The Season
Music seeps through the walls and I can't sleep anymore
Awake in bed for days
There's stable salt in my veins but my blood just can't absorb another reaction, another change

The season came around again
A place in time, 30%
There's nothing you can do for me - just hold your breath

Foot on the floor in a car on the highway at night
The road becomes the sky
And my mouth is a bloody mess from all the times that I've lied
I'll never sleep tight

The season came around again… wake up, hold it in and regret.
Track Name: I Just Don't Wanna Do This Anymore
I gave a man two separate barcodes to put white ink under your skin
It looked like a scar, not an open wound
A reminder red and raw of how you didn't want to do this anymore

You said you'd love me but it wouldn't be forever
We could get married by a street preacher and never tell our parents
It'd be an easy out
In the morning you could walk right through the door when you didn't want to do this anymore

The ending made me sad, but I can't say I was surprised
Under every fact-checked story there's a paper trail of lies
And they never lead you anywhere you haven't been before
Oh, I just don't want to do this anymore!
Track Name: Marking Time
He’s all about the story but not much for the truth
Broadcasting all the things he says he’ll do
He’s no good but his opponent is no better
And we see it every day so we become numb
How much can change in 36 months?
Fingers crossed for a fire or a flood,
Blame it on the weather

Fill in the form, tick the box, give me something to do
Hey don’t complain I can change if you want me to
Fill in the form, tick the box, choose a number
It’ll come up, it’ll come back to get you

The signal’s lost in noise, the man’s lost his nerve
His message got chewed up by buzzwords
He’s got no kill but his opponent has no mettle
And meanwhile no-one cares about the end of the world
Middle-aged men and bleach blonde girls
The rising seas will make a nice change for the desert
Track Name: That Dress
I don’t know if I believe that knowledge is power
I don’t know if I believe that mother knows best
I guess I could’ve made more of an effort
But I can’t stop thinking about you when I wear that dress

The rest of my life can’t hold a candle to that night
But I won’t let it burn away
The rest of my life can’t hold a candle to that night
But there’s no harm in trying, right?

I don’t know if I believe there’s someone for me
Someone I didn’t have to cook and be quiet for to impress
Yeah I know I could’ve made more of an effort
But I can’t stop thinking about you when I wear that dress
Track Name: Underprepared
My life is caffeine and computer screens
I wake up at night and go to bed in the evening
It’s not as hard as you think it’d be
And everyone has got it together but me

Could we make it work or would we just get scared?
I rattle through life half-dressed, over-worked
and under-prepared
Another black mark by my name
Another shame I can’t bear

My house is a mess but my garden’s green
I guess at least all that rain was good for something
When I’m up to my eyeballs you know what I see?
Tongue-and-groove walls, a limb’s worth of scars and the ads on daytime TV

You’re hanging with the dead at the other end of the country
I’m swimming in the river waiting for them to float by
You’re the kind of person that gets lost running
I’m the kind of person I hope you might find
Track Name: The Reservoir
Now our old hometown is my current address
I find myself looking out for you
From the park at the reservoir where I had my first kiss
and later on, where you told me you were confused.

But the sun still sets here and the planes fly south
I didn’t understand then but I think I do now

The lyrics that we scribbled on our pencil case
using other people’s words to sing the things we couldn’t say.
When we moved to Brisbane was when you started to change
You told me all of my needing was just sucking you away.

So I mocked you, yeah I sold you out
It made me feel a little better but I’m ashamed of it now

If someone had taken me aside
and told me what this was,
who knows, I might’ve tried and we might still talk.

I ran into your mother at an East Street ATM
she hugged me and said she hears me read the news every day.
I asked her how you were
and she said you were doing great,
Busy with things she didn’t understand
but she was proud anyway.

She says you’re putting on shows now
And she says you've won awards!
I was glad to hear it, I’m glad you’re not being ignored.
You go by a different name now and I guess that’s ok
You have left this town behind
And I wish I was so brave.

But the sun still sets here
And all the good people fly south
I didn’t understand then but I think I do now.